• Mena Ciarlone's Fifth Grade Class 2010

This is an example of one fifth grade student's wiki
Movie of our Wiki: Digital Portfolios
  • Watertown Middle School Enrichment Wikis 2010

Toni Carlson's 7th Grade Enrichment Class Wiki 7th Grade Student's Wiki 7th Grade Student's Wiki

  • Watertown Middle School Student Independent Project 2010
3 sixth grade students independent project.

  • Wiki page of wiki examples

A wealth of examples of educational wikis mainly used in secondary schools

  • Barcelona Summer 06

This summer school project wiki was started in 2006 and has been added to ever since by subsequent summer school students. The students were asked to write articles about subjects that they were interested in
  • 6th Grade Wiki

http://6thgrade-07.pbwiki.com/ is an excellent example of how a wiki can be used to support a Young Learner coursebook.

  • Practical English

http://practicalenglish.pbwiki.com/ is a wiki run by a Korean teacher to support his students, especially with the errors they make
  • ESL Funland

http://dvmuncaesl.wetpaint.com/ is a wiki with lots of resources

  • Hannalee

http://wiki.woodward.edu/hannalee/doku.php?id=hannalee is a wiki that is used to support the study of a book
  • The LCB Breakfast Show

http://lcb-childrenandjuniors-students.pbwiki.com/BreakfastShow is a wiki project where 8-9 year-olds share what they have for breakfast

  • Mini Sagas

This mini sagas wiki project was started by the Barcelona Teaching Centre as a competition between classes. Apart from the written stories, some of the minisagas were also recorded as mp3 files by the student

  • Beauty of the Beasts

http://lcb-childrenandjuniors-students.pbwiki.com/BeautyBeastsArgentina has been used as a showcase for student work

  • Classroom Braids

http://classroombraids.wikispaces.com is an excellent example of using wikis for international collaboration

  • Toy Story

http://lcb-childrenandjuniors-students.pbwiki.com/Toy+Story+by+Children+1 - children share photos and information about their favourite toys

  • CAE Words

http://caewords.wikispaces.com/ is a project for advanced students, aiming to be a compilation of useful language use in different situations

  • Inglés Instrumental

http://ingles2componentedocente2007.wetpaint.com/ is a collaborative wiki used by students and teacher

  • Christmas Project Wikis

http://npmam.pbwiki.com/ and http://npmpm.pbwiki.com/ are two wikis that have been set up and which are related to Christmas

  • Social Media in ELT wiki

http://smielt.pbwiki.com/Collaborative%2BProjects - collaborative projects for students and teachers

Other ELT wiki projects

  • English for Architecture

http://id2125-activities.pbwiki.com/ - An excellent example of a wiki used on an ESP university course

  • Corpus

Corpus is a wiki used as "a collaborative learning experience of a group of students of English at FCE level"

  • Business English Online

http://beo-businessenglishonline.wikispaces.com/ is a wiki for Business English students

  • SJSC ESL wiki

SJSL ESL wiki is an example of a class wiki in use

  • CAE Wiki

CAE WIki is a vocabulary wiki for advanced students of English

  • International Writing Exchange Wiki

The ICE wiki is an example of a wiki used for international collaboration

  • ELI Wiki

http://eliwiki.pbwiki.com/ is a wiki set up by the University of Montana

  • Website of the Week Wiki

http://websiteoftheweek.pbwiki.com/ is a wiki that has been set up by the British Council Young Learner Centre in Barcelona to collect together ideas for using online resources with classes. It is not designed to be used to help publish student work online, but is an example of how wikis can be used to support teaching and learning of EFL.

Other Wikis of Interest

  • teflpedia

http://teflpedia.com wiki for teachers of EFL

  • Miller's English

http://millersenglish.pbwiki.com/ is a great example of using wikis to set assignments

  • The Connected Classroom Wiki

http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com/ was set up by a teacher to show other teachers how to benefit from using Web 2.0 tools with their classes.

  • Language, Learners & Computer Games

http://kylemawer.wikispaces.com/ is a wiki which has been set up to explore and share resources relating to computer games and ELT


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